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Discover 10 wall poems with this bike route. The celebrate the launch of this website, every poem along the route comes with a question, for which the answers can be found on this site. Found all the answers? Hand them in before 31 October 2018 at BplusC at Stevenshof, Merenwijk, Nieuwstraat or Old School Leiden and receive a fun surprise. The route takes about 45 to 60 minutes. You can start at the first or last location and then use the map below.

A. Die Kind - Ingrid Jonker
Trix Terwindtstraat 4-6, Leiden
Question: Which world-famous South-African recited this poem at the first hearing of parliament in 1994?

B. Taalles - Elisabeth Eybers
Zuster Meijboomstraat 2, Leiden
Question: The colors in which this poem was painted were not arbitrarily chosen. What do they represent?

C. Bi bleuri buruz - Ibon Sarasola
Multatuliplein 3, Leiden
Question: What style of music is mentioned in this poem?

D. De herinnering - Jan Wolkers
Deutzstraat 7, Oegstgeest
Question: Memories are at the foundation of all Jan Wolkers’s works. Which memory in particular features in this poem?

E. Muza - Anna Achmatova
Johan de Wittstraat 57, Leiden
Question: Who is the poet Anna Akhmatova drew inspiration from?

F. A mélypont ünnepélye - János Pilinszky
Rijnsburgerweg 144, Leiden
Question: Two poems opposite each other: one in the original language and its Dutch translation. What do the two large squares represent?

G. Art Rythmé; tic / Lit temps nie - Robert Desnos
Kagerstraat 7, Leiden
Question: In this poem, Robert Desnos plays with numbers. Which divine French word can be derived from the sequence 10-20-2-20?

H. Spelende meisjes - Willem Wilmink
Poelgeeststraat 22a, Leiden
Question: Did Willem Wilmink sign this wall poem himself?

I. Een schatrijke tuin - Hendrik de Vries
Aloëlaan 41, Leiden
Question: All wall poems have a unique design. Which computer game is the design of this wall poem inspired by?

J. Mi Nigrita Papyamentu - Guillermo E. Rosario
Vestwal 4, Leiden
Question: Many Leideners agreed that a wall poem in this language should not be missing from the collection. What is the language in which this poem was written?

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